First Courses

Double salmon canapés with horseradish

A striking canapé, this is smoked salmon pâté alongside a good slice of smoked salmon...

Prawn cocktail with avocado

A classic 70s recipe but with the addition of avocado – it deserves a comeback...

Trout and Watercress Pâté

A quick and easy cold first course, full of flavour and colour. Smoked trout comes as fillets in vacuum packets...

Pea and Mint Soup

No better soup flavour and no better soup colour. When we were photographing this soup for the book, the team voted it the very best soup anyone had tasted for yonks! Serves 6.

Lemon hummus

If you like the traditional sesame seed flavour of hummus, simply add three tablespoons of tahini paste to the mixture. You could also add four tablespoons chopped fresh coriander leaves for an aromatic flavour.