Product Endorsements: IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

19 May 2020

Mary has been appalled to learn of unaffiliated companies still using her image to advertise products like CBD Oil and face cream online.
These are not genuine endorsements and the companies do not have permission to use Mary’s image to sell these products.
We would advise people not to click on the links or buy any of these products as it appears they are also overcharging customers by huge amounts.
We’d like to thank all of Mary’s supporters who have got in touch with us to make us aware of these dishonest adverts, and we extend our sympathies to anyone that has been adversely affected by these companies.
Our lawyers are working to get these adverts removed but in the meantime we would be grateful if you could please report them to Facebook.

If you feel the endorsements are misleading please report to your local Trading Standards Authority re the Consumer Protection Against Unfair Trading Regulations of 2008 and also please report to The Advertising Standards Authority, who have power to investigate the complaints, the more complaints the better!

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